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All articles within Sex toys 411 have been written by me, Ann Andriani. I've been actively involved with sex toys for 18 years now. There are so many people out there that have a desire and/or curiosity to use sex toys, but are ashamed, embarrassed or simply prohibit themselves from just doing the research.

I have written these articles to challenge the stereotypes and myths and show adults that using sex toys is not only okay to do, but will enrich their lives as a whole.

I have worked hard to make a place where everyone can feel comfortable browsing through my provocative, truthful and informative articles; while recommending online sites that are reputable, secure, discreet and safe for these intimate toys.

Shopping through any of the links on this site will help to support this and keep it alive and growing. I'm so very glad that you've found my site and hope you leave it feeling more sexually broadened.

Enjoy your journey into Sex toys!